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BolBom with Rotaractors - RAC Birtamod Mid-Town

BolBom with Rotaractors
2076-4-20 / 2019-08-05  |  
Venue : Arjundhara Jaleshwar Dham
Objectives :

1. To create fellowship among new comers and existing members.

2. To preserve culture and tradtion of "Shrawan Sombar'.

3. To promote local tourism and introduce nationa heritage which also includes Visit Nepal 2020


1. Club Members

Project Detail

Project Coordinator- Vishma Ghimre.

On 5th september 2019 we mebmbers of RAC birtamode mid-town conducted BOLBOM visit at Arjundhara, Jaleshwor Dham. Program coordinator arranged timing and vehicles upto the venue which is 2km ahead. we worshiped with all the rituals and had  good time among all the members, lastly we ended our formal program with the fellowship breakfast.

we could successfully meet our objective. 

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